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Our People

Our people are the key driver that truly sets us apart.

KRP Solutions Inc. brings together a select group of our experienced professionals with backgrounds in taxation, business advisory, accounting, corporate finance, and mergers and acquisitions to help you navigate transaction issues. Our technical prowess, combined with our experienced business relationship skills, make KRP Solutions Inc. your best choice.

Boutique firms may not be able to offer the breadth of services, a network of professionals in the legal and financial community, nor the experience that KRP Solutions Inc. can.

We share all of the same technical skills and experience as offered by the national firms. BUT, will the large firms be available when you need them? Will you be their top priority, or a number in a queue? Have they grown with you and do they respect what you have built? Are they going to be with you after your transaction?

KRP Solutions Inc. will stand with you!

We are advisors to owner managers. We understand the pressures that executing a transaction can bring to bear. We understand that these transactions consist of juggling innumerable moving parts, dealing with multiple professionals; lawyers, brokers, bankers and at times, even the challenges of negotiating over multiple time zones.

These transactions can be the largest and most important business events in an entrepreneur’s life. That being said, these transactions   

can also take a large emotional toll due to the pressures of coping with the transaction itself, maintaining confidentiality, managing your daily business operations and balancing your family obligations.

This is where we are really different. This is where we shine! We know events can and do transpire outside the normal work week and we will always do our very best to be there for you. Whether it be to advise on a technical issue, suggest an alternative option or “talk you off the ledge”.

This difference, this attitude, this dedication, is not a tangible “product” that is easy to “market” with numbers and dollar signs, but it is extremely valuable. In order to truly appreciate and understand this difference, it must be experienced!

Our people bring together decades of experience in managing business change. The team is a combination of prudent knowledge and enterprising dynamism.