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Our Success

Although we could broadcast our successes, we prefer to discretely celebrate with life-long clients. We see these transactions as part of a company’s organic cycle, not as an isolated one-off activity. By doing so, we partner with you to maximize your company’s long term potential for success.

In the past few years alone we have assisted Alberta entrepreneurs with in excess of $2B in transactions. It is indicative of our expertise and level of service that most of the clients we assisted in these transactions are now ongoing clients.

We respect our clients and their desire for privacy; however we would like to provide you with an indication of the variety and scope of transactions we have recently undertaken.

Our success is reflected through our entrepreneurial clients’ successes which include transactions ranging in magnitude from $500,000 to $500,000,000.

Transaction Summaries

And How KRP Solutions Inc. Contributed

Sale of shares of a wholesale distribution company to a private equity group. The transaction involved succession planning to increase the stake of the management group (who remained as shareholders) and the sale of the nonresident majority shareholder’s stake. Significant tax and estate planning were involved including cross border and U.S. income taxes.

Sale of a business situated in multiple locations and provinces to a public company (NYSE). Divestiture advice, tax structuring, due diligence support, negotiation support and human resource management.

Merger of Canadian contractor with large US contractor to become dominant enterprise in the business segment. Valuation support, corporate finance advice and general transaction support were provided.



Sale of a real estate portfolio to a pension fund. Tax restructuring advisor, advisory service related to the sale and follow up estate planning were services provided.

Development and financing of a real estate project. Service requirements included advisory on the development potential and project financing, financial modelling for related transaction opportunities and services addressing the optimal financial reporting structure.

Employee buyout of a successful corporation. Provided tax advice, advised on agreement structure, liaised with legal counsel.

Provided advisory service to shareholder/owner regarding optimal compensation agreement for executive team members. Market compensation information, clear corporate objective understanding, strong tax support and a trusted advisor relationship were success factors.

Provided intermediary advisory services during sale of large oilfield equipment company. Our relationship leadership, tax expertise, a deep understanding of the business and a professional approach contributed to the transaction success.

Provided advice on negotiations, tax optimization and restructuring to successfully solve a shareholder dispute.

Provided advisory services to facilitate a leveraged management buyout in the construction segment. Tax advice and finance sourcing advice were key elements.

Facilitated the sale of an agriculture/industrial equipment dealership. Services including modelling of the transaction, valuation estimates, tax advice and calculations, real estate lease structure advice, working capital adjustments, liaison with legal counsel.